Life Coaching with a Spiritual Edge

What is life coaching with a spiritual edge?

The expression of your spirituality is not some ethereal, woo-woo idea that is separate from your everyday and REAL life.  When I talk about spirituality, I mean the essential goodness of life, and of yourself, that is always there even when you can't see it.  I mean the sense of wholeness within yourself regardless of those rough external circumstances that seem to fracture your ideas of who you are.  I mean having your heart opened again and again even when the going gets tough.

And it does get tough sometimes. Challenging life situations can catapult us into questioning all aspects of ourselves.  They can leave us with self-doubt, with closed hearts, and with a sense that our vitality--what truly makes our lives meaningful--is dull and un-spirited.  In these moments, we have a choice.  We can either cling to our old ideas and the sense of control they seem to bring us.  Or, we can to drop into the shakey ground these tough times create and, from there, find a new way of relating both to ourselves and to what's happening around us.   

When you choose to courageously step into that scary and unstable place,  you have the opportunity to reconnect to what is truly vital-- your whole, heart-centered, awake and aware self.  When you do this again and again and again….

You are  living at your own spiritual edge.  

I'd love to join you there.

Free Discovery Session

 If you are ready to get right down to it, click below and schedule a free 45-minute Discovery Session.  Previous clients report that from the Discovery Session alone, they gained valuable, sometimes life-changing, new insights and actionable ideas.

I am so thankful for Kirstin. Her “truth bombs” and insights continue to serve me to this day.
— D.L., Dancer & Choreographer, New York
Before working with Kirstin, I looked at myself and I saw someone who was broken. She saw my soul and invited me to align with that part of me which is whole, invincible and true. Kirstin is a blessing in my life.
— G.A., Actor, New York