Life Coaching with a Spiritual Edge


What I Believe….

Love is at the heart of Life and thus, at the heart of my relationship with my clients.  Without this love, moving into wholeness is not possible.  My clients do not come to me for healing.  Nothing needs to be fixed, because nothing is broken.  They come to me because they are looking to experience wholeness, to stop feeling separate and conflicted inside.  In session after session, we courageously and clearly meet what stands in the way of recognizing this wholeness.  And this always starts with love.  So, I love you already--a bold statement, I know.   My heart is open to you, serving as an invitation to open your heart to yourself.


Where it all began...

At age 20, I found myself wasting away from anorexia and needed to be hospitalized to physically survive.  This was the wake-up call that Life graciously gave me.  While in the early stages of the recovery process, one of my counselors asked me to discuss the negative self-talk my mind was engaged in. 

“What?” I asked, “I don’t say anything negative to myself.” 

I was so tuned out to the crazy workings of my own mind that I didn’t even hear the non-stop barrage of judgmental thinking.  Soon afterwards, as I was riding my bike, the noise of my mind came suddenly into sharp focus.  I heard, loud and clear, the horrifying things it was saying about myself, others, situations—you name it!  What a shock! 

And what a blessing! 

From that moment on, I have devoted myself to waking up--waking up from the unconsious narratives driving my life, waking up into the fullness of being human with all the joys and sorrows, and waking up to underlying spiritual nature of my life, and life all around me.  

This is my primary intention for myself and what has lead me to assisting others in waking up, too, from their own stories and into living fully conscious lives.

In addition to 15 years of hands-on experience, I have pursued studies to support my work including a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and a certification in Holistic Health Counseling, complemented by a background in body-centered therapies and energy work.

In this deeply spiritual and therapeutic work, I am dedicated to helping others see through the falsehoods that create suffering.  What unfolds  is a more openhearted, free-minded and body-enlivened experience of our messy and wonder-filled everyday lives.  My unique inside-out and outside-in approach has led my clients to greater clarity, love and vitality.

Interesting Tidbits...

  • As a teen, the poetry of ee cummings opened doorways to love and mystery.

  • My body is where I have experienced some of my greatest challenges (anorexia, chronic injury) and joys (birthing my daughters). It remains one of my greatest teachers.

  • Because of my own challenges navigating the tricky territory of moving from girlhood to womenhood, I mentor the girls in my community in personal empowerment-- through storytelling, art, movement, mindfulness and open, honest communication.

  • Though I have no love of running, on of my aspirations is to do at least one mud-run with my family.

  • I live in Lambertville, New Jersey--the perfect combination of a small river town with a huge heart, creative spirit, and an outrageous love of Halloween not to mention a top notch yoga studio.

  • I am quite fond of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland , for he asks the perenial and essential question, "Who Are You?" and does so while sitting atop a mushroom.

  • As a former professional dancer, I get my fix by dancing improvistaionally to vibrant, live music whenever possible.

  • Because of my two kids, I play the role of Professeur Hobbliknob (my own creation), the acting headmistress of our wizarding school, Fiddleheart Academy ( I am also an expert wand maker.

  • I am a fan of graphic novels, thanks to my actor husband, & two favorites are Blankets and Habibi by Craig Thomson.

  • If I were magically granted one artistic talent, I would ask to be a brilliant cellist.

  • I will never live long enough to create, learn and play with all that calls to me and I'm quite happy about this. I love feeling the endless, boundless possiblitiy of the cosmos.


Free Discovery Session


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Kirstin’s compassion, sensitivity and wisdom make her and incredible guide. She is one of the most gifted spiritual teachers I have every encountered.
— L.F., Actor, Philadelphia