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Session 1: The Thinning of the Veil

July 22- August 2, 2019

10-13 Year olds


Who can register for this session?

  • Priority registration for this session is for all returning Fiddleheart students.

  • We will also be accepting registration for 1st years students who are 13 years of age.

Session 2: The Dragon Egg Dilemma

August 12- 23, 2019

9-13 Year olds


Who can register for this session?

  • Priority registration for this session is given to 1st year students who are completely new to Fiddleheart.

  • We will also accept returning students who did NOT participate our 2016 term.

  • This storyline is being repeated from our 2016 term thus our 2016 term graduates are strongly discouraged from attending this session.

If you have questions about registration, please call the headmistress before registering:

Kirstin Hobbliknob at 917-687-1859.

IMPORTANT: For the few of you that are eligible, you can add more than one session to your cart. When you add a session to your cart, PayPal will open in another page. Simply click the “Continue Shopping” button in the upper right-hand corner and add the additional session. Then pay for both at the same time.

2019 Fiddleheart Sessions
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Note: You have been directed to this website to pay for Fiddleheart Academy's tuition as a way to save us all additional processing fees. Have no fear! The headmistress of Fiddleheart, Professor Hobbliknob, is also known as Kirstin Hara, Life Coach. As a life coach, she makes magic of a different kind.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact her through email or muggle device at 917-687-1859.  


Cancelation Policies

In the event that you cancel your registration before July 1st, 2019, you will be refunded your deposit less $75.00. There will be no refund after July 1st, 2018 unless we can fill your spot prior to the start of term.

Fiddleheart Academy reserves the right to cancel the 2-Week Summer Term due to insufficient enrollment. This  camp requires at least 36 students for us to hold classes.  In the event that we must cancel, Fiddleheart Academy will fully refund your tuition payment.


Aftercare is available for the 2-week Summer Term students only.  The cost of aftercare is $10.00 per day.  You must indicate that you will need aftercare on your Registration Form.  You will be billed prior to the start of term for the days that you have selected.


Note: Tuition may be eligible for childcare/dependent care reimbursement from your employer or as a deduction on your tax return.


If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.  

Please contact us through email or call Headmistress Hobbliknob on her muggle device at 917-687-1859.